Free Verse Music

Beauty She Is

Beneath her surface no one bothered to explore

External exquisiteness catches eyes
Antagonism never touched her soul 
Understanding gave her gracefulness
Truth was her strength 

Years of hard work with no rewards

She still held her head high
Her greatest gift were her children
Even when they’d stumble and fall 

In her was the heart of warrior
Soul of an angel she will forever be

Beauty She Is…


 Love once so pure 
Untainted by the world 
Lived to breathe truth and honesty 
Unblemished untouched by negativity 
In prisoned in its own environment 
Protected secure impenetrable 
To evil forces 
Slowly love begin to wonder away 
From its purity 
Exploring new dimensions 
Inviting in outside forces


It unites us, it gratifies us
reaching down the depths of our soul
it lifts us, it touches us
resonating heart and mind

Mmelodious harmonizing vibrations
Unified uplifting someones soul
Sentuious sentuality strums a heart
Internal rhythm heals a cold spirit
Comforting emotions bridging the gap of humanity 

Don't Let the Sun Go Down

What's happened to the love
 That use to keep us in an inferno at night
A cold bed we now share has taken it's place
 Sheets that use to to be heated and on fire
Soaked in sweat from lovin' 
Now we've let the coldness of
Sorrow  take it's place
Regrets now lie in bed with us 
Love missing laying in between us
Shadows of what we once were sleep
Along side of us
Now the sun has set
And we try with valiant effort to resurrect
Love that has become rusted from tears we
Both have cried 
It's too late and the sun has gone down...


Inhale blow it out slowly
Letting the aroma of hunger
Feed your soul
There is an old saying 
Where there is smoke there’s a fire
But this fire lays hidden in the abyss Of desire
Who can put out the flame…


We cry freedom, what does that mean
This freedom we take for granted
Here today, can be taken away
So easily, so freely, freedom is
Misused, abused, freedom is gone
Your free, she’s free, He is free, are we really
When someone holds your freedom in their hands
To crush you, place you in a cage
Gone is freedom
Freedom to explore, freedom to breath
Freedom to live, freedom! freedom!
Where is my freedom
It’s been taken away
In a gilded cage I live
My wings clipped, my voice silenced
My only freedom
It can't be touched
It's mine, with it my freedom exist
Stop it! go ahead and try
You can't stop me from thinking
My dreams won't be denied
My heart, you have no control over
You can't rule my thoughts, quiet my spirit
You can take away my freedom, freedom we cry
Cry for freedom, my freedom



Love is the beginning and the end
Peace is accomplished with acceptance of knowing our true heart
Unity happens when we look beyond the color of skin & embrace one another for
our uniqueness