Traversing this earth
Whispers of sadness
Evolving into remembrance
Nearer to thee my heart sings
Time has once again raised its head
You’re not here but never forgotten


Poignant Heart

Passion crescendos agreeably
In an attempt to reawaken love
Caressing the wisdom of a lost heart
Undertones melodically capture
The quiet of night
A familiar tone resonates
Across empty space
Lyrics explosive raw emotions erupt
In need to contact melodiously
With a clandestine soul
Vibratos cry out reaching anticlimax
Realization settles in
Music of heart and soul crisscross never meshing
Leaving rancorous mellifluous sounds
To seal up a symphony of orchestrated


Conflicted emotions
No emotions
Love, hate
Rich, poor
Happy, sad
Damn if I do damn if I don’t
Break the cycle
Cycle can’t be broken
Rest, no sleep
Mind troubled
Troubled with what’s going on in my mind
Round, square
Up, down
Does it ever end?


Togetherness forms a union
Refused to be broken
United in bond of hope
Souls breathing for intimacy
Tangled in the web of belief


War Inside of Me

See there’s a war going on inside of me
With my heart and mind wanting two different things
My heart is saying it wants love
My mind is telling me you’re just fine the way to are
Which one do I listen to?
A heart that’s been broken one time to many
Probably is bias by now
A mind that has struggled to make sense of the pain
Still the battle rages and the war is going strong
Heart and mind each one trying to define love and pain
Pain and love
Two strong emotions egotistical both wanting to win
In the war inside of me
Trust not the blind emotion
Forget not the transgressions
The pendulum is swinging in violent agitation
Mind, heart, which one are you going to abide by


War inside of me continues

All About the Ring

Beauty that shines like the stars in heaven
Sensual comfort fit
Wrapped neatly around your finger
How many diamonds does it have?
Is the clarity bad?
Does it outshine the moon?
Can it be seen across the vast seas?
Will it bring you contentment?
The larger the more happiness promised
Is your love measured by how massive the stone is?
Is your heart so shallow that the only thing you
Conceive is the price tag hanging from it
What happens if it’s lost or stolen?
Will your love suddenly fade away?
How much more do you treasure
The superficial piece of happily ever after
What if there was no ring presented to you
Would your love suddenly get amnesia
Is it more important than the heart that’s
Offering you a spiritual connection
In the end it’s been all about the ring
Not what it should stand for

When Love Comes Knocking

When love comes knocking at your door
 Waiting to capture you away in its arms
Will you peek through your peep hole?
To see who it is
Or will you take a leap of faith and
Open the door so love can walk in
Tango with your soul
Having your emotions tightly held in an embrace
Body and earth spinning out of control
Has your heart been stepped on one time too many
And the knock is representing your pain with each rhythmic sound
Taunting you daring you to open the door to your heart
So it can come in and take possession
Or do you take a chance and forgive, heal the hurt
Let love saunter on in to mesmerize you with passion
How many times does it take to get it right?
How many opportunities do we get to love again?
You ask yourself what if I get hurt once more and this
Dance ends like all the rest, leaving your heart heaving
Yet still unfulfilled
Debating on opening the door as the knock becomes louder
The vibration of the pounding matching the uncertainty of
Your heart beats
Let me in to love you as you should be loved
Echoes each cannonade tempo
When love knocks will you open the door?
Embrace your future
Or ignore it and live forever wondering…