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He Said She Said

He said, Lord send me a good woman, one who is kind
and sweet, pleasing to my eyes

She said, God give me a man who can stand
and hold his head high, with strength and character

He said, woman to man is a completeness a
compliment an extension of who he is

She said, man to woman can sometimes be a stumbling
block, lost in his identity self discovery walked away
taking with it believing in herself

He said, woman is  my love, my life, I'm her Prince
I'll slay all her dragons

She said, my castle has become my prison, man
has placed me in a dungeon, thrown away the key

He said, woman you are mine, my property
I bought and paid for you

She said, man has turned me into his slave
I didn't realize he was Satan in disguise

He said, woman wash my clothes, fix my meals
and pleasure me

She said, Lord why did you send this
man to me, what sin so great could I've
committed to be cast into this hell

He said, her beauty is no more,
her worth is no more, what good is she to me
maybe I should get another

She said, I loved you once but no more
because of that love I let you enslave me
my heart as much as you've enslaved my soul

He said, I'm your god, you obey me

She said, man you speak like a dribbling fool

He said, what! woman who do you think you're about
you ain't shit 'cause I made sure you're not

She said, man of my broken heart, this is good bye as she pulled
the trigger, stepped over his crumbled body and walked out
of her dungeon