Free Verse Music

Don't Damn the Damned

Don't damn the damned
Be scared to embrace the situation of their plight
Fear their decisions to run or fight
Give into the shame of their name
Refuse to let society place a label on them
Hide in a hole buried beneath the ground
Curse the color of their skin because
Of it they're not worthy to be loved
Reach out your hand to them
With the swiftness of a serpent they
Strike back
Hold no grudge, the damned are human too
Full of faults and attitudes
Restless and roaming the great vast land
In search of anything that will
Make sense to a meaningless life
Share in their pain empathize as
They struggle to remain sane
In this world of a plastic bubble
Count the hours and not the days
Of their survival
Shout with them their frustration
Level a wall like the Walls of Jericho as they
Fell down
Stomp out hatred
Let the wind blow in love
Confused the damned are
What is all the confusion for?
Trying to understand how wrong 

Makes right and right you
Have to fight for every little thing
There is no justice in a world cold
To them they are damned without being known
What makes them who they are, their strength their weakness
Don't damn the damned tears they cry are real as yours and mine
The pain that's felt when betrayal is a way of life
People sit on pedestals looking down their righteous nose
Where is my sin they ask, but your sin I point out at
Every chance
You'll find no peccadillo in me
I'm pure as the driven snow
Chest puffed out
Pride they climb into bed with each night
But the damned know when they lie down to sleep
And they fall away and dream
Pride is sweet but if there's no one to lying on the other side
Pride is empty as it is revealing
Don't damn the damned their not asking for
Your pity not seeking acceptance, looking for understanding,
Give them the benefit of the doubt
They are more than a face in a lonely crowd
Who might the DAMNED be?
You, me, any one, every one
Don't damn the dammed