Free Verse Music

Poison Pen

 Mind running, wild thoughts 
so vicious
          I’m render speechless
Be aware fear lies 
          in the heart
Of a coward
         Still I don’t give a damn
I’m vicious when
          I let loose my pen
I write to the end of time
          Never give a damn 
Of the consequences
          See my words come alive
Jumping off the page and
          Wrap around your mind
Burn into your souls
          Truth you only know
My poison pen will reveal
          So stand back as I unleash
Power of the evil
           That resides in my heart,
Expel through the pen
           Don’t blink you might miss
The dagger as it comes
           For your spirit
My pen is sick don’t
           Need no cure
Spreading poison
          Delivering justice
Seeking revenge
           Eating up lives
One life at a time
          Some have tried and
Fell to stop it
          Some have said
It’s the devil
         Some have called
For The Exorcist
          After seeing my words
Heads spin in
          A 360-degree
In confusion, words
         Brutal, cut to the quick
Bleeding red ink
         Poison pen