Free Verse Music

Widowed Mother (Poem Excerpt from Illusion)

Somewhere in the night lays a shattered heart
singing out for love
The song can't be heard for it lies deep within her soul
She sings of sorrow, of afflictions heaped upon her spirit
She sings of her regrets to many to be numbered
I hear her song, loud as the rolling thunder
A song of a woman betrayed and angered
She sings of the darkness she calls her own
She sings of the man that left her cold
She grieves for a child she was to bear dead in her womb
She sings to God, pleading for salvation
lifting her voice up to the heavens
She sings of the widowed mother
I can hear her, can't you?
I can see her, can't you?
I can feel the anger, the rage
I sense the pain strongly pumping through her veins
Listen, listen and you to can hear
the song that is as strong as the distant thunder
It is the song of the widowed mother