Free Verse Music

Sound of Drums

Mythical rhythm warriors dancing, prancing
calling to ancient gods, the beat gets louder
with each beat of the drums
the night creatures circle in wonder of the sound
they howl to the beat as if its speaking in their tongue
Warriors chant calling to brave hearts
lost in battle their ghost answers in the night wind
The drum beats louder and louder drowning out
their cries
A single ember leaps from the fire pit
taking on a new spirit, it dances to the tune of the
sound of the drums leaving a trail of ash in its wake
Sound of drums beat ageless moaning they weep
sadness pounded out with each beat
Universe so vast mystical, illusive, untouchable
Sound of drums brings them closer reaching out a hand holding
mystery in their palm washing away the tears
they dance to the sound of drums a new spirit of hope is born