Free Verse Music

Going Through the Motion

Staring at the ceiling, giving names to the
cracks, “I think I’ll call you Jimmy and you Sam maybe you Jack”
Saying all the necessary words
To get you going
“Oh Baby you’re so good, yea right there, that’s the
way I like it”
My mind going blank as you pump harder
A song starts to play in my head replacing
The vacant space in my mind
I’m humming along, you think I moan
Faster and faster you go
Will this ever end I’m wanting
to know,
“Say my name” you shout
Damn if I know what name you want
me to holler out, ” Daddy, Big Daddy, Mac Daddy, what?”
I just wish you’d hurry up and finish 'cause
My head is spinning
and you cologne is no longer
turning me on
So I play along moan and whimper
with false pleasure
I think I know what I must do
To get you off me
“Baby, I think I hear your car alarm going off”
Yep that did it he was off of me faster
Than Jesse Owens
Going through the motions
*Bet you thought I was going to fake it*