Free Verse Music

The Devil You Say?

I've heard tell that the devil is real
He walks the earth feeding
on the suffering and despair
The evil he unleashes
tragedy and sickness are
His trademark
I've heard ask” have you
seen this evil one?”
Death is his friend and he loves sin
I sit and look across at you
thinking of all that you do
I hate you, I despise you, and I curse your birth
You've given me nothing but heartache
if I had the courage to walk out
that door
Begin something new without you
love myself more
not be your doormat and stepping stone
I've cried so many tears
enough to fill the Pacific Ocean
My feelings you don’t care about
you've demonstrated your
lack of feelings, with your lack of action
Hurt I guess you can say I am
disillusioned to your sins
Evil reborn in you
Devil walks among us
and he sits across from