Free Verse Music


I’m not going to fight the memories of the good and bad times
Beat myself up because some of the memories have me longing for your touch
No I haven’t forgotten the pain you caused me or the tears I’ve cried
It’s futile to sit here and try to deny, we did have some good times
Selfishness was the weapon in your war; mine was strength you didn’t know I possessed
Haunted thoughts of you drift into my sub consciousness only to come alive in my dreams
When I close my eyes to sleep
Running away from facing feelings unresolved, only made me realize I need to exorcise these demons
So I can move on with my life
To say I hate you would only give you power, to say I’d loved you once upon a time might be more real
But its forgiveness that I have to find in me to get back what I lost when I turned my power over to you
And you abused it so cruelly
Had to learn to love life again
Even when the darkest days threaten to swallow me whole
Age and maturity watered with the tears of growth
Learning who I am and what I stand for
Imagining good can come from bad
Not letting the past recur in my future
Giving it all to God for without Him I wouldn’t be

Beautiful Liar

Blinded to the truth
Eclipsed behind a disguise
Angelic persona
Utilize to hide
Transform to devil
Ignorant of its evil
Felicity taken away
Umbrage building to a crescendo
Lulling into false security

Loathe an existence
Irrational behavior
Autonomous narcissistic
Reflect deceptive beauty of
          Beautiful Liar

Make Believe

It’s getting harder
 to keep my feelings hidden
Outside I smile, 
inside I’m dying, Pretend

Deaf tears I cry, 
each intake of breath 
I’m wishing
were my last, Pretend

Why is it that I’ve fallen
 and I look for rest to siege
Me in its arms, Pretend

I wear a mask no
 one can penetrate
My eyes are soulless, Pretend

To match a spirit held in an
Arroyo deserted 
and forgotten, Pretend

I hear words spoken 
saying never give in
Yet there said 
in a whisper, Pretend 

Fool to think my 
feelings are put first
A lie I’m told to keep
 me satisfied, Pretend

Stand strong 
stand alone, Pretend
On a ledge I totter, 
the fall forever
To eternity, Pretend