Free Verse Music

As I Sleep

As I Dream
Let’s meet tonight baby in my dreams where together we can
Drift amongst the clouds fly up to heaven and
 Party with the angels stay there for a while
 Slowly we’ll drift back down to earth
Where we’ll run through the lilies of the field
 After a while when we can no longer breathe we’ll lay down and
Make sweet love
I cry out your name
You sing mine
Together caught up in delicious rapture
Lets meet in my dreams while I sleep, I’m awake
With you here all the pain doesn’t exist
You’re perfect not a defect
And I’m your princess, cherished and not defamed
Everything is perfect in this reverie there’s no hate
No cruel words form or spoken
All hurt is erased
Or mistakes are washed away
 Only you, me and this ideal setting
A place in my dream