Free Verse Music

Sexual Combustion

I’m ready as I lay here
Waiting for you
To come into the room
My body is pulsating anticipating
What’s about to take place
The door slowly opens
You stand there, taking in my
 I read the message in your eyes
You can’t hide the desire
Or disguise your hunger
Your appetite matches mine
Hungry for you
Craving you
Longing for you to possess
Let’s do this right
Don’t be gentle make love to me all night
Soft caress wet kisses
Put it on me now don’t give it to me weak
Make my body scream out
In pain and pleasure
Bodies sweaty sliding up and down
Come into me no don’t take it easy
Give it to me like you want me to
Give it back to you dirty, naughty, and nasty
That’s it baby right there
Let your fingers dance all over my body
Now your turn as I take you into my hands
How does that feel
Like it when I stroke you there
How about here
Roll over
Let me ride you into the sunset
Faster, faster, don’t stop
I cry out your name
What’s my name baby?
Say it to me now
Holler, scream, thrashing about
Damn this is pure heaven
Now take me to hell
Bring me back to heaven
Angels voice harmonize
To our love making
Hearts thumping matching the
Rhythm of the bed whining
From the pressure we’re putting
On it
Had enough if not
I won’t stop
We can do this all night long
Moaning, swearing, goddamn it this is good
No! More to ecstasy satisfying
You feed my hunger, I quench
Your thirst
Move it this way now find
My spot oh you’re so good
No, you’re goddamn hot
Come on baby come onnnnnn………
Explosion bodies burst into flames
Bed is gone smoke and ashes
Fly around the room
Sexual combustion