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She sat alone a drink in her hand thinking about all her failed relationships
She took a long sip leaning back in her seat
Laughter bubbled inside of her as She thought of one of her lovers
Good in bed, but couldn’t keep a job; damn She was missing his good lovin
Not his dead beat ass
Another memory floated through her mind of a man so beautiful but his soul
Was pure black; use to beat her for the sheer delight of hearing her beg and scream
She thanked god for letting her escape with her life intact still the scars remain
And the screams She still hears in her head, but She survived
Music played low in the background smoke filled the lounge and She added her own
Cigarette smoke to the mix
Waiter walked by She halted his steps ordering another Jack Daniels on the rocks
To many nights spent alone, to many sad songs played over in her mind
Why was She sitting here adding and subtracting mistakes and consequences?
One tear slid down her over made-up cheek to be chased by another and another
The song became louder inside her mind a song She heard too often
Rhythm of the sound surrounded her, the beat thumping making her temples
Pulse in and out
She tried to put the glass to her lips her hand shook with its attempt to connect
Liquor splashed over the rim running down her finger tips
She licked the drops mixed in with her now flowing tears
The looks and stares She received did nothing to combat the war that was going on
Inside her as She reflected all her failed relationships
Some She truly loved, there were a few just for sex, a couple for their outward
Beauty, they lacked beauty on the inside, one or two She could have married
Now the wrinkles were a threat to her beauty
Her body has lost that voluptuousness that drove men wild
She was tired and defeated in her own self pity
Letting life beat her as that man did touched her soul and robbed
Her of loving herself more than She could love any man
Cigarette burned to the end She reached down and put it
Out, took the last swig of her drink
She stood on wobbling legs and staggered to the door
Reached for the handle to let herself out
A hand reached from behind her stopping her before She
Could leave She turned to look at who prevented
 Her from disappearing into the night