Free Verse Music

Another Day In The Life of Josephine

She was hot walked with an attitude to match her mouth
Carried herself like a lady underneath she was a predator
Cars, money, jewels, she sought
Everyman was her sugar daddy, rich or not
More rich than not
Each day she sleeps the morning away
At night she’d come out to play
Dressed in designer garb, jewels from her head to her toes
Wrapped in a Mink Stole
Sashaying as she walked the boulevard
Cat whistles she answered with a sly smile
And knowing eyes
Her stiletto heels pounded out their tune
Her hips moved in provocative motion
As she pranced on her way
While her painted ruby red lips repeated
Lyrics to a song going through her head
Reaching her destination she stopped to take
A look at herself in the window making sure
Her fish-net stockings were in place running her manicured
Six inch nails up her thighs, satisfied with her results
She pushed through the door her painted up eyes scanned
The room looking for her next temptation
“Hello Ms. Josephine, what can I get you?”
“I’ll take a whisky straight up”
Sitting down crossing her long legs she inhaled so her
Breast would stand out just a bit more
She pulled out a cigarette and struck a match
“Here let me get that for you” a deep voice said
She turned to look at him match still lit between her fingers
Feeling the heat she flipped it into the nearby ash tray
The smoke clouded her vision for a second
“Thanks” she said and redirected her attention
“Come here often” he tried to strike up a conversation
She didn’t bite just kept on starring in the direction of the door
“Stuck up bitch” he jeered getting up to leave, she shrugged
Her slender shoulders she’d been called worst than that before
Sitting there puffing and blowing smoke rings around her face
Laughter bubbled up inside of her from some crazy thought
Forming in her mind, the laughter died, tears stepped in
To take their place every night it was the same old thing
Every night she came to sit in this place to watch the door

Hoping for a miracle to sweep her off her feet
Each time she felt older, aging, waiting for that door to open
“Let me get another one” she beckoned to the bartender
Maybe this will dull the resentment
How much longer did she sit there on that hard bar stool?
Playing back the different scenarios in her head
“Closing time Ms. Josephine, I’ll see you tomorrow”
She placed a tip on the bar, nodded her head, standing up
She straightened her skin tight skirt, readjusted her blouse
Ran a shaky hand through her hair, replied lip stick to her now smeared lips
She stood their wrapped in her own thoughts, when the door quietly crept open
Josephine saw him in the mirror watching him approach
You’re still a good lookin woman Josephine” he said standing behind her
She didn’t turn around but gazed back at him from the mirror
A smile lit her face which she quickly hid in heart she felt the first
Stirring of some emotion
He kissed the side of her neck inhaling the sweet jasmine that was her scent
She turned and walked away he followed, how long will this one last
Why worry she thought enjoy tonight and let tomorrow
take care of itself, but in her soul she knew
Tomorrow she’d be back

Nice and Slow

He looked over at her picture of loveliness
So serene in her sleep
Vision of gentle creation, his to have and behold
A gift of perfection, somewhere in his life he must
Of did something good
His treasure of the finest gold, diamonds, rubies and pearls
She smiled in her slumber all sweet and sexy
He felt his nature begin to rise
One hand crept beneath the covers
Inching its way up her golden thighs
Still she remained deep in slumber
He became bolder tasting her sweet nectar
She gave a moan letting him know
He’d invaded her dream
She surrendered her soul to the
Music of his hands the way they
Were making love to her body
Nice and slow he kept on repeating
Unhurried he stripped the sheet away
Covering her naked body
Nice and slow he eased into her warm and inviting
 Taking her to a new place far beyond heaven
She awaken dreamy eyes gazed into his
As she repeated his words
Nice and slow, nice and slow

Catch Me I'm Falling

Life is a mystery
I can't solve
full of secrets
answers elude me
questions keep circling
like Vultures picking
at my bones
success keeps running from me
failure I can catch easily
please the world
please no one
whose to say my destiny
isnt' for greatness
free me
release my soul
Catch me I'm falling
spiraling out of control
making wishes
that never come true
dreams turn into
close my eyes I disappear
open them again
the image screams
back at me
Catch me I'm falling
where will I land
is there going to be someone
there to pick up the pieces
that use to be me
put me back together
this time make sure
all the pieces fit
Catch me I'm falling
save me
love me
tell me I'm beautiful
heal me
complete me
don't abuse what's been
given to you
Let my spirit soar
Catch me I'm falling

Love Venom

Blinded by her beauty he couldn't
 see beyond her superficial existence
Her eyes mesmerized him with hidden secrets in their depth
He would spend hours looking at her body; her curvaceous hips drove him wild
Naked she would lay before him exposing all her vulnerabilities
With hungry hands he’d explore her for hours for him it was more
Than just physical pleasure his soul craved

She didn’t mind that he would sometimes stroke himself as he fondled her breast
This only heightened the gratification of the game
He was something special different from her other lovers
 Not greedy or selfish only concerned with getting his own satisfaction
He loved her body and soul, mind and spirit would caress her for
ours bringing her to rapture over and over again
He took it for granted he’d always be there to nurture her desire
sHe didn't ask much from her simply to be loved the way he loved her
Slowly her mask begin to slip he began to see her selfishness in bloom
Vanity and being narcissist was slowly turning his love cold
She took and took and never gave bleeding him dry of devotion
Even her body consequently started to turn him off
 Did she ever stop and consider the Pain she was causing
 It was her influence that coerced him into seeing what
She wanted blinded by her beauty He didn’t see the trap she
 Was laying a spider luring her prey to its death so she could move
On to her next victim spinning her web of lust lure them in
By her beauty and take away their life when her beauty can no
Longer hold them

For a Moment

She sometimes would sit and look at his photograph
Tracing the outline of his face with her fingertip
Sometimes a tear would silently escape down her cheek
As she remembered his sweetness and the good times they shared
His eyes gazed back at her from the picture
She recalled how sometimes she’d sit for hours
Looking into them watching as they’d change
Colors with each passing mood and
Then he would passionately place a kiss
On her lips breathing in her rose scent
Sometimes all they needed was each other
The world stayed at a distance not daring
To intrude on their nirvana
Sometimes he’d sing to her his mellifluous voice
Touching her heart, she’d answer back with a
Song of her own
Sometimes there were no need for words between them
They spoke with eyes so true beholding every emotion
Once again she’d take a look at his photograph seeing all the good in him
And giving thanks for a love so real never taken for granted
Sometimes she’d wish the time would pass by quickly
So she could replace the picture and have
Him in her arms, sometimes time was just
Too long but worthwhile when he walked through the
Door with opened arms welcoming her love and she’d be
Contented he’s home placing the picture away 

Flame and Ashes

They thought their love was forever
Indestructible they told everyone
Complete devotion, trust, honesty
A love so deep there were no comparisons to be found
His love for her was to his distraction
What she felt for him couldn’t be put to words
Two people, two souls, one whole
To him there could never be another who could ever
Replace her
She built her life around him, never mind she’d
Lost her own identity
He kept her close to him, she was never far
From his sight
Her thoughts he dismissed
Yet she loved him still
The black and blue marks that soiled her skin
He said he owned her body and
Everything else she possessed
They thought their love was forever
His love for her was sick and her love
For him was out of fear and desperation
He knew she’d always be his to control
She finally took action and dashed his
Love in flame and ashes

She part 2

A hand reached from behind her stopping her before She
Could leave She turned to look at who prevented
 Her from disappearing into the night…………

He spotted her the moment She walked into the dim smoked fill lounge
The sound of a jazz band had the walls to the place vibrating
And the haze from the smoke made His eyes water
It‘s been years since he’d seen her but he’d recognize her any where
Life had taken its toll judging by the harshness in her features
Her eyes clouded over by too many nights spent chasing dragons
For a moment he thought about ignoring her existence
He was a good man to her and She did nothing but fuck him over
How many times did he forgive her and take her back
How many times did he have to rescue her from herself?
Too many but still he held love for her deep within His heart
That’s why when he saw her he couldn’t let her disappear into the night
She looked up into His eyes and recoiled as if she was a rattle snake prepared
To strike until memories of him begin to flood her mind
This one was good to her, loved her so completely, she bled him dry of any emotions
 Kept on taking and taking until he became an empty vessel
Why was he looking at her like that, pity?
She didn’t need His pity or His help why didn’t he release His grip on her arm
He just stood there gazing into her blank eyes maybe
Hoping to see if there was any goodness there
He led her back to His table ordered coffee and for him another Jack Daniels
She pulled out a cigarette and lit up blowing circles and
 Taping her un-manicured fingernails on the
Table top waiting for him to say the first word
He didn’t he continued to stare, what was going on inside of him
Tired she sighed and lay back against the seat and closed her eyes
Let him watch if he wanted she no longer gave a damn what he thought
He didn’t have to prevent her from living in fact he should have just let her be
Her coffee arrived and so did His drink in silence they both drank their fill
Empty cup and shot glass sat in the middle of the table she got up to leave
What’s happened to you that has made you so hard? His words stopped her
She looked down at him an evil grin crossed her lips, “Life”, she said sitting back down
Wasn’t I a good man to you? I didn’t beat you, cuss you out of your name, I treated you
Like a woman loved you with everything inside of me
Yes you were a good man and I treated you like shit maybe that’s why I did, because you were
Too good for me, you deserved so much better
Look I couldn’t let you leave seeing you need someone, a friend maybe
I’m no good I’d only take from you all that you have to offer and leave you
Wishing you’d just let me walk out into the night and become one with the darkness
I still love you
Don’t say that
I’m not the type to be loved only forgotten
Let me help you, I know I can
She got up to leave he rose too
She turned to look at him one last time
Thank you for the coffee
She didn’t stop her steps became hurried reaching the door someone
Called out to her she veered around to see hoping not to be detained once more
Hey baby where you been can I buy you a drink
Yeah but not here let’s pick one up on the way to your place
Hours later a knock at His door
He opened up to two policemen
Their faces said it all She was dead beaten by her old lover
The same man she ran into that night in that smoked filled lounge
Jazz resonating throughout the place, but no one took notice of the
Wicked gleam in her old lover’s eyes
He appreciated their coming; thanking them he slowly closed the door