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Another Day In The Life of Josephine

She was hot walked with an attitude to match her mouth
Carried herself like a lady underneath she was a predator
Cars, money, jewels, she sought
Everyman was her sugar daddy, rich or not
More rich than not
Each day she sleeps the morning away
At night she’d come out to play
Dressed in designer garb, jewels from her head to her toes
Wrapped in a Mink Stole
Sashaying as she walked the boulevard
Cat whistles she answered with a sly smile
And knowing eyes
Her stiletto heels pounded out their tune
Her hips moved in provocative motion
As she pranced on her way
While her painted ruby red lips repeated
Lyrics to a song going through her head
Reaching her destination she stopped to take
A look at herself in the window making sure
Her fish-net stockings were in place running her manicured
Six inch nails up her thighs, satisfied with her results
She pushed through the door her painted up eyes scanned
The room looking for her next temptation
“Hello Ms. Josephine, what can I get you?”
“I’ll take a whisky straight up”
Sitting down crossing her long legs she inhaled so her
Breast would stand out just a bit more
She pulled out a cigarette and struck a match
“Here let me get that for you” a deep voice said
She turned to look at him match still lit between her fingers
Feeling the heat she flipped it into the nearby ash tray
The smoke clouded her vision for a second
“Thanks” she said and redirected her attention
“Come here often” he tried to strike up a conversation
She didn’t bite just kept on starring in the direction of the door
“Stuck up bitch” he jeered getting up to leave, she shrugged
Her slender shoulders she’d been called worst than that before
Sitting there puffing and blowing smoke rings around her face
Laughter bubbled up inside of her from some crazy thought
Forming in her mind, the laughter died, tears stepped in
To take their place every night it was the same old thing
Every night she came to sit in this place to watch the door

Hoping for a miracle to sweep her off her feet
Each time she felt older, aging, waiting for that door to open
“Let me get another one” she beckoned to the bartender
Maybe this will dull the resentment
How much longer did she sit there on that hard bar stool?
Playing back the different scenarios in her head
“Closing time Ms. Josephine, I’ll see you tomorrow”
She placed a tip on the bar, nodded her head, standing up
She straightened her skin tight skirt, readjusted her blouse
Ran a shaky hand through her hair, replied lip stick to her now smeared lips
She stood their wrapped in her own thoughts, when the door quietly crept open
Josephine saw him in the mirror watching him approach
You’re still a good lookin woman Josephine” he said standing behind her
She didn’t turn around but gazed back at him from the mirror
A smile lit her face which she quickly hid in heart she felt the first
Stirring of some emotion
He kissed the side of her neck inhaling the sweet jasmine that was her scent
She turned and walked away he followed, how long will this one last
Why worry she thought enjoy tonight and let tomorrow
take care of itself, but in her soul she knew
Tomorrow she’d be back