Free Verse Music

For a Moment

She sometimes would sit and look at his photograph
Tracing the outline of his face with her fingertip
Sometimes a tear would silently escape down her cheek
As she remembered his sweetness and the good times they shared
His eyes gazed back at her from the picture
She recalled how sometimes she’d sit for hours
Looking into them watching as they’d change
Colors with each passing mood and
Then he would passionately place a kiss
On her lips breathing in her rose scent
Sometimes all they needed was each other
The world stayed at a distance not daring
To intrude on their nirvana
Sometimes he’d sing to her his mellifluous voice
Touching her heart, she’d answer back with a
Song of her own
Sometimes there were no need for words between them
They spoke with eyes so true beholding every emotion
Once again she’d take a look at his photograph seeing all the good in him
And giving thanks for a love so real never taken for granted
Sometimes she’d wish the time would pass by quickly
So she could replace the picture and have
Him in her arms, sometimes time was just
Too long but worthwhile when he walked through the
Door with opened arms welcoming her love and she’d be
Contented he’s home placing the picture away