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Love Venom

Blinded by her beauty he couldn't
 see beyond her superficial existence
Her eyes mesmerized him with hidden secrets in their depth
He would spend hours looking at her body; her curvaceous hips drove him wild
Naked she would lay before him exposing all her vulnerabilities
With hungry hands he’d explore her for hours for him it was more
Than just physical pleasure his soul craved

She didn’t mind that he would sometimes stroke himself as he fondled her breast
This only heightened the gratification of the game
He was something special different from her other lovers
 Not greedy or selfish only concerned with getting his own satisfaction
He loved her body and soul, mind and spirit would caress her for
ours bringing her to rapture over and over again
He took it for granted he’d always be there to nurture her desire
sHe didn't ask much from her simply to be loved the way he loved her
Slowly her mask begin to slip he began to see her selfishness in bloom
Vanity and being narcissist was slowly turning his love cold
She took and took and never gave bleeding him dry of devotion
Even her body consequently started to turn him off
 Did she ever stop and consider the Pain she was causing
 It was her influence that coerced him into seeing what
She wanted blinded by her beauty He didn’t see the trap she
 Was laying a spider luring her prey to its death so she could move
On to her next victim spinning her web of lust lure them in
By her beauty and take away their life when her beauty can no
Longer hold them