Free Verse Music

Flame and Ashes

They thought their love was forever
Indestructible they told everyone
Complete devotion, trust, honesty
A love so deep there were no comparisons to be found
His love for her was to his distraction
What she felt for him couldn’t be put to words
Two people, two souls, one whole
To him there could never be another who could ever
Replace her
She built her life around him, never mind she’d
Lost her own identity
He kept her close to him, she was never far
From his sight
Her thoughts he dismissed
Yet she loved him still
The black and blue marks that soiled her skin
He said he owned her body and
Everything else she possessed
They thought their love was forever
His love for her was sick and her love
For him was out of fear and desperation
He knew she’d always be his to control
She finally took action and dashed his
Love in flame and ashes