Free Verse Music

As She Tantalized

As She Tantalized
Her hips were swaying to the beat
Long  sexy legs captivated
All the men in the room held mesmerized
Eyes closed head titled back her body moved
In fluent motion she licked her hot pink lips
Letting the music be her lover
Making love to her as she
Bumped and grind, gyrated her hips
Her hand ran down her thighs inviting
She moaned as the music took over
No one could take their eyes off of her
Beautiful vision,
Dynamic personality
Inside she was poison wine
But that didn’t stop the men
From wanting her
They lusted in their hearts
Watching from a distance
Some who were bold enough to approach
Felt like king of the world
When they got her attention
A coy smile on her mouth
She knew her body was a spell
She cast so well
Pick and choose of any man in the room
Smoke filled atmosphere
Shot glasses slammed down on the bar
Someone shouting for another refill
Music screamed deafening ears
As her body tantalized
Asher body tantalized
As her body tantalized………….