Free Verse Music

Ego Trip

He walked down the street whistling a soft tune
Handsome man and he knew that
Women turned their heads to get a better look
He smiled to himself as he continued in his swagger
Couldn’t pass a mirror to see his reflection staring back
Soft wavy hair he wore just slightly too long
Manicured nails and a day at the spa was his habit
Dressed in designer garb you’d never catch him
Wearing off the rack
All the ritzy boutiques knew him by name on sight
Always wore a rose in his lapel
Smelling of designer colognes
He’d often give a dollar or two to the poor man
Standing on the street corner this made him feel good
Thought he’d really did something to be remembered for
Walking away he’d take out his handkerchief and wipe his
Hands as if the dirt from the man had transferred to him
He sometimes drove his expensive car; a beautiful woman at his side
Would show off like he was a superstar
Fancy restaurants he frequented, was known to be a big tipper
On first name bases with the maitre d’
Sat at the finest tables ate, drank, and satisfied his lustful hunger
He boasts of his wealth the grandest schools he was sent to
Lavished in the life of luxury never wanted for nothing
He was on top of the world but sadly you see
This was all in his head for at night he sat alone
In a one room dump a dim light danced against the walls
Stale air filtered through the cracked window
The stench of musk and sour food blew in the atmosphere
With his hand in his head he wondered if dreams really did come true
Tired and disgusted suddenly it was clear
He stood and looked out his window up into the heavens
 High above the image of a bird held his gaze transfixed
As it flew away and disappeared into the brightness
Of morning light; then he looked down how far was it;
He looked back again at where the bird had once been; free
He spread his wings soaring into the clouds
He looked back at the earth and laughed