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Empty Bed

She said baby you made your bed now you lie in it alone
Without the warmth of my body to take away the cold
Even with tears in his eyes she didn’t give an inch
Stared into his eyes and didn’t even flinch
He tried to appeal to her softer side
He even got down on his knees and really began to weep
She looked at him not with sympathy but pride
How many times did he make her cry?
With one last final attempt he went straight for her heart
Too late he’d forgotten all the painful scares
Tonight you sleep alone in bed filled with thorns
She gave him one last glance as she walked
Around his humbled figure
Didn’t look back as he howled at her retreating image
Calling her name, she threw her head back and laughed
The sound of her laughter hunted the empty air as the
Door slowly closed behind her