Free Verse Music

No Shades of Gray

She didn’t know why she felt so sad
Tears came and she couldn’t understand
There was a feeling inside of her that
She couldn’t seem to touch
No matter how hard she tried to
Understand and connect
Was she missing something, someone
She took the sadness with her to
Bed and awaken with it each morn
Wrapped in the arms of an emotion
She couldn’t describe only to say
It never left her and everyday
She carried it, becoming more a part of her
For some great sin was this her price
To be cursed always with this
Sadness inside of her
She couldn’t get drunk enough
Ingest enough pills there was
No relief for the ill feeling
She lived with
Turning to sex only increased her pain
What was left?
The louder the sound of voices in
Her head deeper the pain she was in
Sadness damned her and took
Over her existence
So I guess you could say her world lost all
Color and in the end all she saw was black
No shades of gray