Free Verse Music


Smoothness of your skin invites temptation
Your lips speak eroticism
The smell of your perfume ignites the flame
In your smile reveals hidden secrets
Hands express a hunger to explore
Deep treasures
Flowing locks of sensuality
Only rival inner exquisiteness
Sway of hips to a silent tempo
Dancing legs from the heavens
To grace the earth
Vivacious, inhale exhale
Your beauty excels
Watching you is putting me through hell
Come to me in this moment of need
Release the frustration of you so near
Pounding of heart deafens the agony
Wanting for this to be over
This is more than a mere observation
I’m an addict you’ve become a drug
So give me my fix and let me fly
Like the birds that grace the universe
Oh now you know that’s the way
I like it here let me do the honors
Slowly seductively, weaving a spell
Take you into my arms peel away
The layers of clothes strip you naked
Lay you down observing every inch of your soul
Last chance to behold sanity
One taste of you and there’s no
More reality diving deeper and deeper
Into observation