Free Verse Music

Merry Go Round

He lounged in his car and observed  

Her from a distance
As he did each day like a
 Premeditated decision
Followed her every where she went
He wore his love for her like a badge for suckers
Would do anything she wanted
Her lap dog she so often called him
He let her rub him and pat him on his head
A good boy doing his job
He didn’t mind his manhood
Was in question
A price he willingly paid for
A small taste of her sweet morsel
Any crumb of affection she offered
She was enticing true enough
She wasn’t a great beauty and her
Body wasn’t all that much
But yet she beheld something
That kept drawing him in
Sitting there looking through his
Binoculars’ he saw her talking to a man
She tossed her head back laughing
Deep and hard
At something he’d said
She looked around as if she
Sensed his presence
He ducked down low in his seat
Still keeping her in his view
The man walked away from her
Not before slipping something into her hand
She continued on her way
Meticulously he trailed her until she
Was lost in the crowd
He knew he had to stop this insanity
But didn’t know how
Evening rolled around he knocked at her door
She let him in placing a cool kiss across
His expecting lips
She pulled him closer rubbing
 Sensually against him
He’d come to get answers but
His thoughts went astray
Pulling her tighter feeling the beat
 Of her heart quicken
Somewhere in his mind he thought
 About questioning her
Then she purred those words
 He loved to hear in his ear
Dirty, filthy, words a woman
Shouldn’t speak; he desired to hear
Tomorrow he thought, he’d put an end
To this merry go round
But for tonight he’d ride it just one more time……….