Free Verse Music

Those Eyes

She sat alone watching the comings
 And goings of patrons
Her eyes followed their movements
With curious intensity
Taking a sip of her wine from over the rim
She caught the gaze of a young man
Tilting her head to the side she smiled
To him with her eyes
Desire pooled in her irises
With coyness she batted her lashes
Flirtatiousness in each flutter
She looked away then back
Color of her eyes adapting to her mood
Going from vibrant blue to passion purple
She gave him her ‘come hither’ look
Smoldering embers in their profundity
He couldn’t resist
Sitting across from her he continued to stare
Drowning in her limpid voyeurism
Such a beautiful woman with eyes he couldn’t describe
 Eyes that were telling him a story
Weaving a spell her gaze was an invitation
To heaven maybe a little bit of hell
He leaned in closer to get a better look
Could have sworn he saw angels in their depth
There was a hint of laughter in her gaze
Pulling him in even further
Those eyes of hers he couldn’t turn away from
Something about them was so powerful
Provocative, dangerous
Her eyes danced over his body
A chill of forbidden passion crawled along his spine
She glanced down and slowly lifted her eyes to
Meet his asking a question
Answering he stood taking her hand
Leading her away from the crowd
Outside the quiet of the night greeted them
He turned to gaze into those eyes
What he saw terrified him
Too late he was her prisoner
She’d never spoken a word
Her eyes vocalized everything she wanted
And it was his soul