Free Verse Music

She Danced Alone

The lights dimmed
She materialized on stage standing
Graceful and still
Music begin to play
She let the sound flow through her
Eyes closed she became music
Slowly lifting one elegant arm from
It’s resting place by her side
She teased the crowd with her moves
Precision in each step had them
Holding their breath
Giving and taking until she thought
They’d had enough
Her long legs she’d thrust out
Head held high she was truly
A diva
Swirling around her dress mesmerized
As it performed about her body
In fluent movement dancing in
And out circling her swaying hips
Exquisiteness to look at
Exciting to witness her
Beautiful performance
She inflamed all those that observed 
She stared looking straight into their hearts
 Commanding respect
She’d danced till blood filled
Her shoes
Pouring out her heart and soul
One tear drop hung on her
Gradually the music died away
Silence overwhelmed
She stood serene holding her breath
A single red rose landed at her feet