Free Verse Music

Man Can Fly

Wrestling with yourself
 Fighting who you should be
Indecisive on the course of reality
In a dream world you live
Struggling to exist
Nothing is making any sense
In the world you now subsist
In your mind somewhere lost
Trapped in a demented sphere
Crying out for help but
No one hears
Listening to voices that
 Aren’t there
Only in your mind do you hear
Whispers’ telling you lies
That man can fly
Going through a transformation
On a spiritual journey
Opening your mind to
Unknown entities as your
 Mentality is rocked with
 More confusion
Disillusioned to what is real
And your asking yourself
Will I ever heal?
In the abyss you call home
Praying for the norm to
Return to your life
The whispers continue
To overpower your thinking
Voices becoming louder
Mingling with tears you
Cry from frustration and pain
Relief will not come
As they tell you
Man can fly come join us