Free Verse Music


Disastrous end of a love affair
Calamity in the wake of the fallout
Catastrophe bemoan the wind
Misfortune to the hearts involved
Heartbreak came at an expensive price
Ruin reputations bought for a night of illicit passion
Adversity fashioned the road to redemption
Mishap or coincidence lover’s duplicity revealed
Rage of uncontrollable obsession led to an
Upheaval of reprisal sorting out the victims
Cataclysmic tempo builds to a crescendo
Damage to lives unfold
Shattered emotions lay bare
Chaos ensued sorting out the fallen reflections
Bedlam erupted two souls entangled with each other
Pandemonium couldn’t be stilled
Anarchy warped the minds of survivors
As they question why didn’t any one see
The tragedy before it happened